1)  All teams must check in 30 min before 1st game.
2)  All teams must be registered with USSSA and have Insurance.

3)  If a team’s class is changed after entering an event, it is the manager responsibility to notify the host. 

4)  All Special Requests are to be done in email. (

5)  All teams must have roster on-line & submit completed USSSA roster before their first game. 

6)  Deadline - 10 days before the start of the event or when full.

7)  Please clean dugout trash after your game.

8)  No Metal Spikes
9)   Pitching limitations form - all managers must submit a pitching limitations form to the site director after each game. If a protest is lodged against a team that has not submitted the form then a forfeit may occur.
10) Pitcher/Catcher Courtesy Runner- Will be for the player of record the previous time on defense. Not the person that is scheduled to enter those positions. 

11)  Forfeit in pool play may result in team not advancing to championship bracket. 

12)  Teams may choose to list all players in the line-up and bat all players that are present or choose to go by the book. Free defensive substitution allowed if batting all, but all pitching limitations must still be followed. 

Note: if you choose to bat all players and a player has to leave the game, then an out will be declared when it is that players turn to bat.
13)  World Series Berths will be awarded to the highest finishing team that has not received a berth and the top Home State Team will receive a World Series Berth. 

14)  Innings of play: 12u and below - 6 innings

15)  Pool Play Tie breaker guidelines 
1) win-loss record; 
2) fewest runs; 
3) run differential
4) head to head; 
5) USSSA Points 
6) Coin Flip

16)  Championship Play - Highest seeded team will have choice of Home or Visitor. 

17)  Gate will be by the day:  No refund or Rain Checks on Gate Fee. 

18)  Rain out policy - if a team has started their first game then there is a 30% refund. If the team has started their second game there is no refund. If a rain out occurs before any games begin then entry fee minus $150 refunded. A minimum of $150 will be retained. 

19)  Withdrawal policy - any team that enters the tournament and withdraws will be charged $150. If the withdrawal is within 2 weeks of the event, then the team forfeits the entire entry fee. All withdrawals must been done in writing and by phone. The Super NIT’s have a “No Refund” policy. 

20)  Tobacco rule - no tobacco of any type is allowed in the playing area including the dugout. Immediate ejection will be the penalty.

21)  Sunflower Seeds rule - No Sunflower Seeds are allowed in Ford Park. 

22)  Fighting rule - fighting will result in immediate ejection. Fighting is any attempt to strike another individual with any part of the body or other object.

23)  Some events are advertised as Open and different classes may play together without notice.

24) There will be a $350 cancelation fee per team that does not show up. (cancelation must be in email before tournament bracket is posted)

25) No slash bunting. Batter is out and coach is ejected!!

26)  All guidelines subject to change by the tournament director.

Participants are responsible for their own team insurance and medical coverage. It is recommended that all teams carry an insurance policy. If any team does not have coverage, they can purchase it online through their team ID on and we strongly encourage all teams to purchase USSSA team insurance.